Niche Meaning — It’s Not What You Think

I’m going to say something kind of controversial with regard to your niche meaning, and you may or may not agree. It’s something I get pretty worked up about because it kills me when I see people passing over a great niche because they can’t find the best keywords.

Keywords are not the main factor you should use to find your niche.

There, I said it.

Now, let me clarify.  If you’re an affiliate marketer and you’re trying to sell a specific product, then a good keyword search tool is essential and your keywords are the heart of your niche. But if you’re a solo entrepreneur building your business online, then you know it’s not about selling a product. It’s all about selling yourself.

So doesn’t it stand to reason that finding your niche should start with you?

Let’s start with a simple niche definition. A niche combines two elements — your WHO and your WHAT.  Who are you targeting and what solution are you providing for your target market.

If you are a health coach, for instance, your target market might be new moms and your solution might be helping them lose their baby weight through a diet and exercise plan that reflects their needs as a new mom.

My approach to finding your niche starts with YOU – your passions, interests, skills and expertise. Then, you find the best target market that can benefit from what you have to offer. It should be a target market that you are passionate about helping, one that has a burning desire for what you have to offer and has the income to pay for your products/services.

There are other considerations for your niche meaning, and whether or not you have a good niche. Things like the size of the niche, the competition, and the accessibility. That last one is really important — you want to ensure you can access your niche through clearly defined communication channels. In other words, you have to know where they hang out online (and offline).

Keyword research is going to help you assess your niche — specifically the competition and potential traffic. And having a great keyword search tool is going to make your life a lot easier (here is the keyword search tool that I absolutely love).

But there are lots of ways to drive traffic beyond SEO. Especially if you  understand the needs of your target market and how to reach your target market.

When you have that, you can create a strategic and targeted niche marketing strategy and build your list fast!

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