You started your business because you have a message and a passion to share, and you want to get paid well for what you love doing.

And frankly you deserve that.

But it’s not always as easy as it looks. You may have had great success in your career and you want to leverage your strengths and experience in your coaching or consulting business, but you’re struggling with gaining the right focus.

Or you may be an experienced coach or consultant and your business has grown organically, but now you want to bring it online and earn more leveraged income.

In either case, it’s a very noisy, competitive environment online and you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd and shine as the obvious choice for your favorite clients. And you want to do that in a confident and genuine way.

With just a few small tweaks you can get your business on track in a way that is completely authentic to you and allows you to put your message into action.

Here are some of the ways in which I can help you:

  • Crystal clear focus about who you help and the solution you’re here to provide
  • Create a magnetic message that feels totally authentic for you and a unique positioning that eliminates any competition.
  • Design your Standout Signature System, which is the journey you take your clients on and the results they get at each step. This is the key to making it easier to sell your services, and to earning multiple streams of income.
  • Create a valuable giveaway so you can build a targeted list, and identify the right list building strategies that work for you and your target market
  • Outline your marketing funnel with a full suite of programs to create more leveraged income. Think of this as how you move your clients through your world, so they get more ongoing support and you get more loyal and successful clients
  • You may have an idea for a program, but don’t quite know how to design it and launch it. We’ll work together to clarify your unique positioning, and design all the marketing material you need for a successful launch
  • I’ve helped hundreds of coaches and consultants do these very same things. Is it your turn?

    I’ll challenge and support you every step of the way. Because I know you can do it!

    I recently helped a coach who had been trying to build her business for 2 years. She had no clear focus and was literally spinning her wheels. In just a short time, she went from muddled to crystal clear. So clear in fact that she went out and brought in a new client with a $20K retainer.

    Or you may be an experienced coach or consultant and want to stand out more powerfully online and earn more leveraged income.

    Like my client, Bonnie, who was very experienced but still selling her time. With a few small changes, she was able to sell $10K in coaching in just 1 week!

    Or Amy, who had so many different program ideas and was jumping around from one thing to another and getting burned out along the way. Together we created and launched her new program so could earn the leveraged income she’s always desired. She just had her first 5 figure month, most of it from leveraged income!

    You can do this too! There are different ways I can worth you to help you reach your goals…

    Success Mastery Circle

    Imagine working closely with me and a small group of smart, dedicated coaches and consultants just like you, in a supportive, action-oriented setting.

    How would your business transform if you had the coaching, training, accountability and support you needed to really grow?

    The Success Mastery Circle is a small group mentoring program that combines the best of both worlds – small group support from a successful, committed and positive group of entrepreneurs. And private coaching with me for those massive breakthroughs.

    You’ll also get all the step-by-step training you need to build a successful business, without getting overwhelmed.

    This program isn’t for everyone. It’s for you if:

    – You want more intimate communication and my eyes on your business in full force
    – You’re committed to taking the actions you need to get real results
    – You have positive energy and thrive when you can benefit from both small group work and private one-on-one coaching support

    Listen to this inspiring interview with Mastery Circle member, Sharon Shelton, to learn valuable lessons that will help you build your business and see what is possible for you!

    If you’re ready to step up to the success you deserve then click the link below to apply for a private conversation with me.


    Private Coaching

    I work privately with a small number of coaching clients. We may decide to partner together for more long-term support, or perhaps we’ll do a VIP day where we laser focus on a particular area.

    Let’s face it. Putting together all the pieces of the marketing puzzle can be frustrating and overwhelming. You want someone who can give you a clear roadmpap of what to do, tailored to work for you!

    Cookie cutter marketing just doesn’t cut it. You want someone to look at your business and help you create personalized strategies that are a great fit for you and your business.

    My greatest passion is helping you build a business that leverages everything you bring to the table – your passions, skills, experiences and voice. Together, we’ll create the marketing and program strategies that make sense for YOU!

    If you are truly serious about your success and looking for a committed mentor and coach to help you grow your business, then let’s talk and see if we’re a good fit. Click on the button below to apply for a Clarify and Create Discovery Session. I look forward to speaking with you!


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