Strategy Session Applications Made Easy

I want to share my favorite new toy that has been helping me streamline the strategy session application process.

It’s super easy and I walk you through how to do it, including some important tips on what to put on your Strategy Session Page.

If you want to see my “real life example” of what I put on my Strategy Session Application page, just click here.

One thing to keep in mind, and I mention this because I see a lot of coaches make this mistake. Do NOT offer your strategy session as your main giveaway. It devalues your offer, and you’ll find that people don’t sign up.

Watch the video and then please leave me any questions or comments below. Thank you!


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Rowena Wild

Thank you so much for sharing Wufoo!! A great tool to use and I will get straight onto it.

You may notice from my website that I am a business coach based in the UK. I used to live in Marin County and am coming over in a couple of weeks. I particularly want to meet with a few coaches near Mill Vallev/San Fran and share some UK coach thinking versus USA. I am not sure where you are based and if you might be interested! I am currently looking at how Generation Y interacts with older generations in the workplace and have quite a bit of research to share . Rowena


Cindy Schulson

Hi Rowena – thanks for sharing that! I did take a peek at your website and love the frog riddle :) I’m based in San Diego but love Marin. I used to live in the Bay Area before moving here. I hope you have a fun and productive visit, and look forward to staying in touch.
warm wishes,


Kenn Schroder

Nice Cindy. “Application” … think that makes it more exclusive, rare, valuable?

I like to keep things simple and minimal simply using email and a few good rules to handle inquiries with copy/paste response messages.

I think wufoo would be great for the do it yourself coach as it makes the forms easy to do and manage.

Definitely like the application page … nicely “sold”.
Kenn Schroder´s last blog post ..A Second Example of the Relevant Blog Trick for Marketing on LinkedIn as a Coach


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