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What’s the big idea?

I was listening to a talk radio show the other morning while I was working out and heard something pretty cool. One of the co-hosts , Laura, was sharing her horrible experiences dating. She has been single for quite some time and is losing faith in her ability to find a serious, loving relationship.

Anyway, different callers phoned in to give her support and advice. It was one call in particular that caught my attention.

This woman, let’s call her Sandra, said that Laura is beautiful and perfect the way she is. Then she went on to give some relationship and dating advice. I had a funny feeling (just based on her approach and some of the language she used) that she was a coach.

Sure enough, toward the end of the call Sandra offered to do relationship coaching with Laura. And Laura said yes!

I was really impressed that Sandra made the move and I could tell she was a little nervous. But she did it – kudos to her!

It got me thinking about what I’m doing to stretch myself in my own business. I know how tempting it is to have all these ideas swirling around in our brains. I’ve learned that the best way to actually get things done is to pick one big idea at a time. Implement it, improve it, and then move on to the next big idea.

If you haven’t chosen a big idea to work on in your business, then consider this your official challenge. Pick one!

Maybe you want to do a live workshop, or speak on stage, or create a new program, or do a telesummit. Maybe you want to create an affiliate program or find 6 new joint venture partners. Or maybe you want to do a rebrand, create a new website, update your giveaway or do a google hangout.

It can be so much fun to brainstorm your big ideas! Of course, you have to make sure they make sense. For instance, you need to make sure your “big idea” is a good fit for your target market, it’s something you’ll have fun doing, it makes sense for where you are in your business, and you have a clear marketing strategy in place.

Every year, I typically have 2-3 big ideas I want to implement in my business to stretch myself. Last year, that included launching my membership program, TALI, and my mentoring program, Package Your Passion With Ease.

This year, I’ve accomplished 2 of my 3 big ideas – I have one left to go and I’m ready to rock and roll with that.

So now it’s your turn. What big ideas do you have for your business? Do you have a clear action plan for implementing these ideas in your business?

I’ll tell you that one of the best ways to make sure you actually implement your ideas is to announce them publicly. So the floor is yours!

Please use the comment box below to share your goals and big ideas. I’ll be here to give you feedback and cheer you on!


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