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6 Keys to Success for Every Solopreneur

No matter what stage you’re at in your business or what kind of business you’re building, there are 6 essential keys that will help propel you on your journey.  I say this, fully realizing that you probably have your own keys to success, and would love for you to share them below.

1. Define What Success Means for You Personally

Everyone has their own definition of success. Don’t get caught up in the comparison game. Define what success means for you personally. Here is my own definition of success:

  • Exceed my expectations and those of the people I help
  • Continuously learn and improve
  • Create leverage in my business so I can spend quality time with my family
2. Keep Learning


You have to be an active learner, and recognize there are different lessons to be learned from different people. Let your curiosity take you to different places. Always be open to learning and exploring new things that will enhance your expertise and challenge your mind.


Just be sure not to get stuck in learning mode. You need to implement what you learn, or our brain will overflow with information and your confidence will suffer. You’ll convince yourself that you need to take one more course or get one more credential before you can put yourself out there. Those are just excuses and there is no place for excuses in business.
3. Make Your Own Mark
While it’s great to learn from others, you don’t want to just take what you learn and spit it back out as your own. You need to make your own mark and avoid the trap of cookie cutter solutions or marketing.


This is your business, and you have to be empowered to take a stand and let your voice be heard.


4. Leverage Your Strengths


We have a tendency to want to fix our weaknesses rather than celebrate our strengths. Be aware of your strengths and use them to guide you in choosing your niche and your marketing methods.


5. Take Action

Recognize that everything in business is a test. You need to take action and implement, and then tweak and improve as you go. There is nothing like implementing to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go perfectly right away. If you do your first webinar and only 3 people show up, that’s okay. What did you learn? What will you do differently next time? How can you leverage what you created? Take the time to reflect back so you can learn and grow.


6. Invest in Yourself
Identify what training, resources or support you need to get you over whatever hump you’re facing. You don’t have to do this alone. Invest in the help you need to move forward with confidence.


But don’t invest without knowing what kind of help you need. One of the things I pride myself on is always getting a great return on any investment I have made in my business (there was one exception but that was my fault). The reason I’ve been able to do that is because I recognized where I was stuck then found the best program or mentor to help me over that hump.


Sometimes we think that throwing money at our challenges will make them go away. But you need to avoid “star chasing” and invest in the right help for you right now.What is going to help you move forward?

It’s your turn!  Please share your feedback and insights so others can benefit. Thanks!

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The keys to success in business you outlined above will open the door to success in one’s personal life as well! Nice, succinct and informative article!
Lianda´s last blog post ..New Years Resolutions – Focus on the Positive



So true Lianda. What we learn in business is applicable to our lives, and vice versa. Thanks for sharing!


Amy Kinnaird

Hi Cindy – all great keys to success. I have been trying to convey a similar thought like #5 to my clients: don’t wait! You don’t have to have a clever business name, you don’t need a cool logo or perfect website. You can make money and be successful without any of those things. What will make you successful is how you treat your clients and the quality work you provide. You can tweak yourself to death – just get on with it!
Amy Kinnaird´s last blog post ..Rethink Your Goals and Create Daily Chunks of Work



Hi Amy – that is so true! Some people may think you need a fancy website to get clients, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spoken with people who have a beautiful website and no list and no clients. I didn’t even have a logo until my second year in business, and I had over 200 people on my list before I even had a website. Start with a clear niche, a powerful message, a great opt-in page, giveaway and offer, and you’re off!



Great list, Cindy! I think the most important one to remember is Taking Action! If you don’t take action, nothing gets done…sort of a ‘duh’ but so many times we make this mistake and get stuck in ‘thinking about it’ mode! :)

Gina – Mindset Queen for Weight Loss
Gina´s last blog post ..VIDEO: 3 Metabolism-Boosting Secrets to Kick-Start Your Weight-Loss Celebration!



So, so true Gina! We have so many ideas and end up not implementing because we get overwhelmed. It’s about making a decision and then breaking things down into bite-sized pieces, and delegating. Simple steps, but powerful!



Hi Cindy. These are great keys to success. I would add that these need to be kept in mind when evaluating which ideas to implement in your business.
Susan´s last blog post ..Do you have too many ‘big ideas’?



Hi Susan,
That’s a great point! And you are certainly the one to know that. If anyone is looking for help get their big ideas done, I highly recommend Susan’s free report. This lady really knows what she’s talking about!


Lyn Blackledge

I enjoyed reading your blog post and checking off each point.
#1 – I have come across so many who think success means being a millionaire. For me it is about helping to make a difference to other peoples lives, whilst finding the work/life balance and over dleivering on my promises.
#2I have a thirst for knowledge and follow successful people. I am certainly learning lots and the new found knowledge is making a difference to my business.
#3 I am undergoing a video challenging this month which is getting my voice out there and again making a huge difference.
#4 Just learning, finally to leverage my strengths
#5 – after much procrastination, I am taking action . I’m starting my book later today and am planning my first conference in the Autumn. No more procrastination – lets make it happen :)
#6 I have recently started investing in myself. I have recently been to an inspiring conference and have taken on a PA so the dreaded paperwork gets done!! Why did I wait so long!

Thanks for listing those points. It seems, finally I am on track. It has all just started to come together and I am feeling very energised. Now the plan is to stay on track and implement. I hope lots of people follow your excellent advice.
Lyn Blackledge´s last blog post ..A Picture of a Poem – a Poetry and Photography exhibition with a difference.



Thank you so much Lyn and congratulations! You’re definitely on fire. I love how you shared your version of success. Mine is much the same. I continue to invest in myself and grow my business (and myself) every year, but it’s really important to me to have a balanced life so I can enjoy my children.

Congratulations also on doing the video challenge and on your upcoming book!

I look forward to hearing your news as you move forward.

warm wishes,


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